Designing a beautiful website

When having a website created you need to consider not only functionality but how it will look on the screen (or in fact a number of different types of screen). Some things to consider are colour ways, positioning of logo and strap line, positioning of the main navigation and how it will function, photos and call to actions.

Knowing what works on a website can be hard for the inexperienced but if you work with a design agency or web designer then they will be able to advise you what works and from their experience what doesn’t.

Most design agencies will give you a number of visuals that you can look through and make a decision as to which one you like. You should also be able to combine a bit of two or more visuals to create the one that you feel would be best suited to your business/ company.


Converting traffic

If you have a website you will probably be well aware of the importance of getting traffic to your website. There is no point in having a great looking and functioning website if you cannot get anyone to visit it. This is where web marketing comes in. There are a number of ways in which you can improve the presence of the website on the search engines. Web marketing is often outsourced to a third party or looked after by a dedicated department within the company.

Once you have traffic to your site you need to then convert it in to sales. It may be that you have an ecommerce website so people will actually complete the sale on your site, or you may want the site to gain you inquiries. Being able to convert the traffic will rely on a number of factors such as price, reputation / customer service of the company, quality of the product and availability / range of products. To assess whether you are falling short of converting visitors you need to analyse all of the above in detail and make sure that you are on par with your competitors.



Looking for a job as a computer programmer

The job of a computer programmer can be fantastic. You may have the excitement of new tasks on a daily or weekly basis, can see the work you have created and how it is assisting other businesses to grow and will most likely be on a decent wage.

When looking for work as a computer programmer you can of course go self-employed, but if you want a bit more certainty, then you may opt for an employed job. When looking for a computer programmer job to apply for it is important that you find a bit out about the company. It may be that you want to be able to have flexibility in the programming and use new and exciting methods. Some companies will have very strict policies on how you can program where as others will give you more freedom, if this is important to you then be sure to check before accepting a job.

Some programmers also like to design too, some agencies will like to use a programmer who can do both even if you are not always doing the designs, its handy to have someone that can. Be sure to mention this on your cover letter and again in your interview.

Updating your website code

If your website was built over twelve months ago then it may be worth having some of the code updated. There are new techniques coming out every day when it comes to coding and often these new techniques are more secure as well as improve page loading times etc.

If you use a content management system such as WordPress you can quite easily update it through the admin panel, but be sure to take a full back of the site prior to doing this. Even if you update the content management system, you may still need to update other parts of the code that are not changed during the WordPress. Some code and site updates may cause other issues within your website, for this reason you should be sure to thoroughly check your site once you have completed any updates to make sure that everything is functioning as it should.

Checking your website prior to going live

When you build a new website it is vital to carry out certain checks before setting it live. If there are bugs on your website then customers will find it frustrating and may leave the site without completing on a sale (for ecommerce sites) or contacting you (if it is a lead generation website).
It may be that you need more than one person to test a website, as if you have programmed the site or been heavily involved in the design of the site then you may skip over things and miss them.
When testing a site make sure that it not only works as it should but that it is secure. Passing prices through to the checkout or basket in the URL string is a big no no and if a customer can change this information then they can end up purchasing something for any price they want to.
If you find an issue with the site, correct it and then always check it again to make sure that the fix has worked as it should.