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When working with computer programmers for your business you may feel a bit bewildered with some of the computer-speak they use to explain things to you. However with this handy guide you no longer need to be in the dark. Here’s what the computer jargon actually means:

Algorithm – This is something that you will hear a lot and what it basically means is a sequence of instructions to complete a task.  

SEO – this stands for Search Engine Optimisation and what it means is making sure that you are visible on search engines such as Google and Bing. This is essential for any successful website.

Autonomous – this means any process that requires little human interaction to work. An autonomous process.

Coding – this is the instruction that is given to a system. It’s almost like translating what you want into a language the computer understands.

Backend – Backend development means the server side of development. This is where the focus is on how the website works. There is usually three parts to this: a server, an application, and a database. Normal users can’t see the backend work, but the code written by backend developers is what sends the database information to the browser on the front end.