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Posted By : Samantha
Adwords campaigns for locations

If you are considering doing Pay per Click then you will probably have looked in to Google Adwords.

PPC stands for Pay per Click and is an online form of advertising. It is essentially a process where you create an advert and every time that ad is clicked, you will be charged a fee. The visitor will be taken to a page that you have selected on your site and from there can continue to browse the site, make an enquiry or even make a purchase.

If you are wanting to target a specific or number of specific locations then Google Adwords will work great for you.

With Adwords you have a lot of flexibility to manage your ad campaigns. This is anything from the amount you spend per day, the amount you spend per click, location your ads are shown to, and time the ads are shown and even on which devices (such as mobile devices) your ads will be shown on.

There are a few different ways in which you can target different locations. You can either create an ad group of phrases and set them to only trigger your add if the visitor is searching within a radius of a certain area that you have set up or you can actually include the location in your keywords.