Apple Vs. Samsung – which to buy

The debate as to which is better, Apple or Samsung, in terms of Smartphone product is a long-running one which will possibly never be settled definitively. For that reason, it’s a topic we like to revisit from time-to-time, particularly as products develop.

So which is, currently, better? Apple certainly holds more brand cachet; there’s no doubt that there is a tactility and quality aesthetic to the product, and something inherently desirable about them. However, increasingly they’re being outpaced by their competitors.

Apple does suffer from some rather dubious commercial practices, and this certainly puts me off – they’re very quick to cease support for older operating systems, meaning that devices have built-in obsolescence and you’ll need to buy new ones more frequently. Plus their insistence on sticking to their own charging connectors, which change every few releases, allows them to milk customers for yet more revenue when these break or get lost.

Samsung may not hold the same cachet, but their product increasingly emulates Apple in it’s design focus, using glass and metal instead of plastics, so the models are rapidly becoming more desirable. Plus, you have a standard charger (micro USB) with replacements extremely cheap as a result, and a much better camera.