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Are you disposing of your computer devices safely?

As advances in technology hurtle forward inevitably computer devices can quickly become obsolete even after a couple of years in some cases. Businesses and individuals demand computers that are fast, secure and able to deal with the top applications but what happens to the devices that we no longer want and if we do dispose of them, what are the security issues concerning the data that may still be stored on the computer hard drive?

The first thing to do when ditching an old computer is to make sure you have saved any data you want to keep before wiping it completely. It is important that your personal or business information does not fall into someone else’s hands even if you are passing on the computer to someone you know. Running a factory reset is essential before the computer leaves your possession and even removing the computer hard drive and dismantling it is possible.

Most recycling centres have facilities where old computer devices can be donated. Specialist companies then dismantle the computers and reclaim any valuable components to be reused.

If your computer is still in working order there are schemes whereby you can donate it to charity. The computer is refurbished and wiped of data then given to individuals who would not be able to afford to buy one.