Avoiding spam emails

Unfortunately, almost everyone that has an email account will fall victim to spam at some time. For the majority of us, it is a daily job having to filter out spam that your mail program has missed. One mistake that many people do is they open the email and either click on a link or reply to the email asking for their address to be removed. If this is a genuine company then they may do so, but the majority of spam emails are often sent to people who have not opted in to receive communication anyway and the spammers are just sending to any email address they get hold of, so they will probably not remove you from their lists. This can also make the situation worse as when you reply they know that it is an active email account and you may find you end up getting more and more spam instead.
There are some very worrying emails going round where people are asking for ransom money in exchange for privacy. These again should never be replied to, just ignored and deleted.
There is not a lot you can do to stop spam but you can help to eliminate some of it by ensuring your spam filters are set high and that you only give out your email address to genuine companies that state they will not share your details.