Backing up your PC and laptop files

Many of us use a PC or laptop for personal use and for work use. It is amazing how much information we store on our computers and that often we forget that as with any technology, they can fail and we risk losing everything. With this in mind, it is vital to back up your data as often as possible to avoid disruption and upset. In our personal lives, many of us store photos and videos on laptops or PC’s and often we don’t even have them printed out. These can be downloaded from cameras or from mobile phones, and often once we have downloaded them to the computer, we delete the originals.

There are many ways in which to back up the documents and photos and possibly even settings on your computer. You can do it manually by coping all the files you need and pasting them on an external hard drive or on some sort of cloud software such as ICloud or Dropbox, or you can get a server linked to your computer to run a backup every night or week automatically.

Many work computers are set up to back up to servers either externally or within the building but it is also important that these servers are backed up so you have the data stored on at least two other devices.