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Call Recording Software – what to look for

Call recording software is increasingly essential for any business now, from SME upwards. It is, of course, easy to record calls, but what is absolutely essential is an ability to retrieve those calls quickly and efficiently. Often you’ll find a dispute call will last for 35 – 45 minutes, and that is a lot of time to spend before you take account of having to wade through the many snippets.

For that reason it’s essential your solution links to your telephone database, allowing you to record and match the numbers people call on to your customer account records. I’ve sat there and waded through testing every possible given number of an individual to systems manually; immensely frustrating and a massive waste of time.

Any system you look for should have an ability to connect to your core CRM database to effectively ‘name’ any calls against the stored numbers for that individual. Alternatively, if you have multiple customer lines and agents, you should be able to search for calls to those lines and agents, and within specified timeframes. You’re not always going to know what number someone called on, but you may know who they spoke to or which number they dialled.