- June
Posted By : Samantha
Computer programming as a career choice

The majority of young people are extremely computer literate and use technology every day but for some the interest goes beyond simply being a user of computers or an internet gamer and for them the choice of embarking on a career in computer programming is an attractive proposition.

A job of a computer programmer involves creating the code that enables software applications and operating systems to work as they are meant to. The programmer then checks the coding to ensure there are no errors and that the program continues to operate correctly. It is likely that a few projects will be running at the same time so multi-tasking and organisation will be necessary skills to have.

To enter into this career, it is advisable to have studied for a degree in computer sciences and mathematics although with relevant experience other qualifications could be acceptable however knowledge of the major programming language is essential.

The salary for an entry level computer programmer is good as are the prospects for promotion as computer programming is necessary in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to hospitals. The demand for good programmers is high and so the chances of obtaining a job in this sector is favourable.