- December
Posted By : Samantha
Costing projects to suit your client

As a web agency or freelancer, it is important to price website projects correctly. Too low and you could be missing out on potentially more money and end up under charging for your services, too high and you may price yourself out of the clients’ budget and not get the job at all.

When a client approaches you for a price it is important to be clear and upfront but to also make sure that you fully understand what is required. Some agencies and freelancers will have a lowest price of around £1500 for example, but for someone just starting off in business who maybe just wants one or two pages, this can simply be way too much for them to spend. You may need to invest to see a return, for example, do them a basic website that is comfortably within their budget with the idea of working with them long term and building on it over the months and years. Often once a client can start to see a return on their website, they are happy to then spend a little bit more money with you. Try and ensure that you are pricing the project based on that individual client’s business and also what they can afford not what you think they should have.