- January
Posted By : Samantha
Displaying your information in tables on your website

Sometimes it can be tricky to know how to display certain information on your website. If you have factual information such as technical specifications and dimensions then you may wish to display this in a table. Take care when using tables in your website code as sometimes some devices cannot always display them correctly and often they do not resize on smaller screens. This can make the information unreadable, so it is important to ensure that they are programmed in the right way.

Tables can be very useful to visitors as it allows them to quickly navigate to the information they need without having to read paragraphs of text. They can also be used to compare one product or device against another so can be a good up selling tool.

If the information you want to display is just text alongside an image you probably do not need to put this in a table. There are far better ways of doing this without having to use the table function.

Certain information within a table may not be as advantageous for SEO purposes as it may not be indexed in the same way.