- February
Posted By : Samantha
Everyday applications for computer programming

The technological world is undoubtedly changing at a rapid pace and what would once have been thought of as impossible is now becoming commonplace. We have advanced computer programming in every room of the house and in every workplace and new developments are being invented constantly.

In our kitchens, computer programmes are used in washing machines, dishwashers and cookers where they make it possible for us to set timers for appliances to work when we are away from the home. Our home heating system is usually controlled by a thermostat that can be programmed to turn the heating on before we get up in the morning or before we return from work in the evening. All of these applications make our lives easier and more comfortable.

With the advent of smart technologies in the home, computer programming has entered a new era as we can now control our environment without having to lift a finger. Voice activated devices are becoming more and more popular in our homes.

Many of us have become used to shopping online in recent times and computer programming is at the heart of this. From checking stock in store to delivery and dispatch notifications the whole online process uses some form of computer technology to get your goods to you.