How to analyse your website

Once you have a website up and running it is essential to analyse its performance on a regular basis and make changes / updates as required. In order to analyse your website you need to know what you are looking out for and how to check your performance. The first thing to check is that you have a good stats package linked up to your site so you can see the number of visitors that are coming to the website. Most stats packages will also be able to give you a lot more vital information such as pages landed on, pages left and time spent on the site. You may even be able to track visitors progress through the site. This can help you find out which pages are not performing as well as they should and may be costing you sales. If for example you find that many people leave at the check out process, you need to confirm that the process is working as it should and that it is easy to complete. If you have to create an account to buy a small value item for example, many people may leave because they simply haven’t got the time or do not want to do this.