- August
Posted By : Samantha
Is it ever a good idea to use a smart phone as your computer?

Most people have a mobile device of some description in their possession with the majority having a smartphone that is able to access the internet, but can a phone ever replace a computer or laptop and what if any are the downsides to using it as such?

There are those that say in this day and age, for most people, there is no need to have a physical keyboard attached to a laptop. It is possible to send emails, view websites, do banking and order goods on phones so why should we need to use a laptop? The reality is for the vast majority of tasks that the average person needs to do a smartphone is adequate. It is only if you find it necessary or want to do a quantity of writing that it becomes problematic on a phone screen and for people who have deteriorating eyesight it can sometimes cause eyestrain as they try to peer at a small screen.

Should your hobby be working on enhancing pictures that you have taken by using photograph editing software, using a laptop is far superior to a smartphone again mainly due to the size of the screen. Even though our phones have become more sophisticated in recent times and many find them essential to modern life they have their limitations.