Is your computer slow to start up?

Many of us use a computer in or daily life, either for personal use, part of a job or both. Time is often money or if using it for personal use, you may be limited on the time you have therefore you need your computer to be as fast as possible.

There are many reasons why your computer may be running slow and there are often simple checks you can do yourself before taking it to a specialist who will charge you to carry out these checks and changes.

Firstly you should ensure that your computer is free from viruses. You should already have a quality anti-virus on your computer but make sure that it is set to run a scan on all your hard drives as well as any portable devices. Viruses are one of the biggest causes of a machine running slow.

Secondly check how much memory your computer has, this is called RAM. If the computer has little RAM then it will use the hard disk drive of the computer to run applications. Increasing the memory in your computer can help improve speeds overall.

Also check to see what programmers are running when you first start up your machine, by going into the control panel. Often lots of unnecessary applications are starting up when you turn your computer on.