Mac vs PC – which is right for you?

If you are thinking about purchasing a new computer then you may like to consider if you are going to go for a Mac or a PC. Mac is created by Apple and has many loyal followers. Not everyone can get on with a Mac but if you are already a fan of Apple then you may find them great. They do often have a higher price tag than the equivalent PC but are known for their reliability.

You can run Mac operating system software on PC’s (although it is not as good as running it on a Mac) but not the other way round.

Macs are often favoured by designers and those within the creative industry as they often offer superior applications for this purpose. Macs are often seen as trendy and top of the market, this alone attracts many people to a Mac as it can be seen as a status symbol for some. If you have an IPhone or IPad, you may find having a Mac makes everything that little bit easier. It will all sync together, making sharing documents, calendars and photos very easy.

Before making a decision on whether to buy a Mac or Pc, do plenty of research and see what spec you could get for your money. If possibly try and rent a Mac for a little while and see how you get on with it before committing to the hefty price tag.