- April
Posted By : Samantha
Networking your computers in your workplace

Many work places now have computers linked on a network but if you don’t you really should consider it as there can be a huge number of benefits.

Networking computers will allow your staff members and yourself to quickly share files and documents with each other in a secure environment. If everyone saves their document on the network then you can be sure that everyone is working from the latest copy and that there are no duplications. There are a number of ways of networking computers and some companies opt for an exchange server. This is a server that will most likely be situated in the office building. The space on the server will be able to be accessed by anyone on the network. This can allow the server to be backed up once a day which will ensure that all the work individuals have done will also be backed up without having to run the back up on each computer.

If you do use an exchange server then you will need to ensure that it is backed up as well as it is always good practice to have at least two copies of data.