Setting up and managing email accounts

Setting up a client’s emails can be a bit of a nightmare. If a client has their own domain name then they usually will want an email address such as info@ or name@. This usually doesn’t take too long to set up on the hosting account but when it comes to setting them up on devices, it where it often starts to get complicated.

You will need to know the email address, password and also the incoming and outgoing server settings for the hosting account. Not only that, but you may also need to know ports numbers. Often when setting up email you are asked if the server requires outgoing authentication and also if it should use SSL. You will need to obtain these settings from your hosting provider and be aware that these settings can often affect the port number you need to use.

If you want to be able to send and receive emails that can be viewed on multiple devices then you will need to set the email accounts up as IMAP, not POP3 so you can download them on to your pc and phone for example. Again using IMAP will require a different set of settings to using POP3.