Taking care of your computer

Whether you use your computer for personal or business use they are often quite a substantial investment due to how much they cost to purchase and set up it’s therefore essential that you take care of them to get the most out of your asset.

Caring for the physical state of the computer is important and things like ensuring laptops are stored safely in a padded bag should help eliminate any damage during travel.

Only using manufacture approved charging cables is also an important safety measure as faulty cables and plugs could damage your machine.

Keeping your computer clean is important provided you only use cleaners that are designed specifically for that purpose. Most general cleaning products contain harsh chemicals which could damage the screen of your computer also with any plastic surfaces. Reducing dust and fluff build up near the fans and any opening of the computer should help these to work more effectively and not overheat.

Looking after the inner workings of your computer is just as important, regularly clear off and delete any unused programs or unimportant documents as these will make the system have to work harder and your computer may become slower.

Having a good antivirus program on your computer is very important and you must ensure that it’s kept up to date as viruses are constantly evolving and changing so your anti-virus needs to be able to keep up. Also, regularly check that there isn’t any spyware on your device if there’s a program on there that you haven’t installed then delete it immediately.