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Targeting multiple locations on your website

If you have a business that services multiple locations then you need to think about how you are going to portray this on your website.

If your business is online only and you post or travel to many locations then you may just have one site but make pages relevant to each area within your one site. If you have different showrooms or offices all over the country then you may consider creating mini sites for each. It is important to ensure that the content that you put on your website is unique and this can be tricky when it comes to multiple locations. Some people think that they can just copy the content and replace the one location with another but this is simply not unique enough and you may find one or both of the sites get penalised for it. You need to create pages that are unique to that office or area. So it may be that you add in customer testimonials, News specific to that area etc to ensure that the content is different enough to get both sites ranked. If you do need to use some of the text then make sure you reword it and ideally add to it to get the best results.