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Posted By : Samantha
Teaching children simple programming skills

Developing programming skills in children does not have to be a complicated process and can be introduced quite easily by parents and teachers. Most children will be enthusiastic about their learning especially if it is geared to their interests and hobbies and as most online programming sites for children are based on games it will be easy to get children involved in this activity.

The best way to introduce programming is to talk about the way programming is used in our everyday lives such as in the appliances we have around the house. Games can be played where children give each other instructions to move from one place to another or to complete a simple task. These activities help the child understand the principles behind simple programming.

Once these initial tasks have been tackled there are a multitude of free online applications available where children can practice their skills each level becoming increasingly difficult and incorporating more complex functions.

Some applications set users a project to complete at the end of a unit so that children get the opportunity to design and programme their own game and even upload their game to a child safe website so that other users can play their game.