The importance of computer updates

Computers are used by many of us on a daily basis, often for pleasure but also for work. They are such a big part of our daily lives that many people will little or no computer skills may struggle to do many tasks such as checking bank balance or viewing online statements for bills/making card payments.

It is important that if you are using a computer, especially if you are using it to access sensitive data, that it is secure. You need to ensure that all the updates that are available have been completed and that you have a good anti-virus program running. Updates are vital to a computer to ensure that it is running the most up to date and often secure version of the software.

You may be a little confused when it comes to updates, not sure exactly how to go about them. If you are using a windows computer then you need to check your update settings to see if your computer is set to do them automatically. If not, you need to turn this function on or schedule in time to check for new updates and install them.

Before doing any updates it is important to save and close any work you have open and ideally back up your work.