Web marketing for specific locations

If you want to market your business in more than one location then you may find that you struggle to do this with just a three or four page website. You can of course have a page where you list all the areas you cover, but this alone is not usually enough to get you ranked highly for all these areas on Google.  Ideally you need to create mini sites as such for each location you wish to target to give you the best opportunity to do so, but this is not always possible and can be expensive.

Many companies have now started to create location based pages within their current site to improve the rankings in these areas. This means creating a page for each area that has different content on it, For example if you wanted to target Shropshire and Birmingham then you would create two pages each with different content and a range of keywords relevant to that area. To make sure the page is SEO friendly you would need to have unique meta data relevant to the content on the page and make sure that the URL is friendly e.g /Shropshire.

When targeting areas you need to make sure that you have enough content on each page to target that area on the search engine. Some smaller areas may be easy to market, but for larger areas you may need more than just one page as competition is higher.