- July
Posted By : Samantha
Why kids should learn about coding

You may be surprised to hear that your primary school child is learning about coding and programming at school. Programming is essentially another sort of language that is used to create a number of applications such as websites, apps, games and software. It is also used in a number of every day life activities and you may not even realise that something has been created using code.

This is why it is vitally important for children to learn about code and programming because as they get older, they are going to come in to contact with it more and more.

There are some great activities that your child can do to start learning about code. Minecraft have created a coding mini game that has short tutorial videos on it. These videos talk about the different types of coding and what it means. It explains that it is essentially an instruction and that it has to be written in a language that the computer understands.

Coding il help your child not only if they want to get in to coding of some sort but understanding how processes work. Once you understand how something works it is often easier to get the most out of it.