Working alone as a computer programmer

If you are a computer or website programmer that works from home, you will probably be all too aware of how lonely it can get. There are many advantages of working for yourself and particularly working at home and you may find that you hear comments such as “you are so lucky to be able to work from home”. In some ways this is true but it can also be very lonely and hard to stay on task when surrounded by distractions. Ideally you need to have quiet but this only adds to the loneliness.

Many programmers are turning to the shared office space for a new way of working. There are many buildings all over the country that are now offering self employed professionals the opportunity to come in to an office and essentially rent a desk. You will usually pay a daily, weekly or monthly amount for the space and often this includes the use of the internet, phone and sometimes even a meeting room.

Working in this way is proving to be extremely popular as it gives the programmer a quiet place to work but within an office environment. When looking in to one of these schemes be sure to check if you are going to be tied in to any lengthy contract and what is included in the price you pay.